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As someone who eats Chipotle more than anyone else I know, I am VERY excited at a chance to win free Chiptole for an entire year.

  • Chipotle will be awarding 3,100 reward members, in recognition of the company's 3,100+ stores, with "free Chipotle for a year"
  • Current reward members will get their first free food drop, a side or topping of guac, from January 9 to January 15
  • From January 9 to January 15, Chipotle Reward Members have a chance to win free chipotle of a year by entering by In-Restuarant: $5 minimum purchase and Digital Orders $5 minimum purchase
  • Freepotle Prize Wheel January 9 to January 13 at 12 pm EST by watching Chipotle's TikTok Live or Instagram Live and commenting "Freepotle"
  • TikTok: (
  • Instagram:

Good luck my Chipotle lovers! Pro tip: if you order a burrito bowl to go, transfer it to a nice bowl when you get home and microwave it for 1 to 2 minutes.

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Do you think the quality of the product has fallen since the start of the pandemic?
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@ccm_brett this might sound crazy, but it depends on the location you go to. In some stores the quality is abysmal. The one I go to is top-notch.

Why on earth one Chipotle would be different than the other is beside me, but that shows you how hard it is to have a restaurant business with over 3,000 locations.

McDonald's doesn't get enough credit for having a consistent product no matter where you go; they have over 38,000 locations. And Chiptole doesn't even franchise!
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@conorvalue Agreed. Maybe where I am at in the PNW they just don't have their act together. Still think it is bad for the brand though
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@ccm_brett it really is a shame. It's part of the reason why I sold my shares in $CMG other than the fact the stock is ahead of itself (in my opinion).
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You are the best for alerting me to this fantastic opportunity 🌯
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@nathanworden Good luck! There were only 500 comments on today's Instagram live. A 1/500 chance for free Chipotle for a year isn't bad!



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