$2bn Net Cash Palantir could be used to reduce the dilutive impact of the RSU from Stock-Based-Compensation, which I discussed profoundly in a previous article (Palantir - When Will SBC Ease?).

From Palantir's 2020 Executive Equity Incentive Plan we can see Palantir could do the same of what $SNOW aims to do:

"using our strong cash position to transition to a net share settlement for vesting of employee RSUs in almost all countries. This will help us further manage dilution"

RSU Cash Settlement means that the company could pay employees in cash rather than issuing new shares at the vesting period when the employee is entitled to receive the shares.

> Rather than Issuing new shares for $100k ( so 10,000 shares at $10 per share), the company could pay $100k to the employee in cash.

Cash provides optionality.

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Do PLTR currently have a buyback program in place?
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@investmenttalk No, as a buyback fetishist I would like it (maybe 200-300mn out of the 2bn cash)

However it would not be the best choice from a business perspective, they are in the heart of the acquisition phase where they need to spent a lot to get new clients + given the geopolitic instability and their role maybe is better they are ready for the worst
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@arny_trezzi "buyback fetishist" - I am going to have to borrow that haha, love it.

Agree with your comments about the timing of buybacks, probably higher ROI uses of that capital for PLTR.
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@investmenttalk ahaha honoured!

I am excited when I see companies like $AMD doing aggressive buyback when their business doesn't require additional cash to grow.