Opportunities not widely shared
There’s a lot of misconceptions about investing. I hear a lot of people, including successful people say that it’s not worth it to invest in the stock market. I think that’s not true depending on what you’re talking about. There’s many ways to make money for the now and later.

People just don’t know about the various strategies. For the long term, there are great ETFs like $VOO $VTI $QQQ and more. These should be the foundation of your portfolio.

For current income, you can buy dividend stocks, sell covered calls and puts, and day trade and swing trade. The stock market offers many ways to invest for the future and for current income at the same time. I suggest having separate accounts for current and future income.
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There is always something going up. Just gotta find it.
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@dollarsandsense you don’t need something to go up to make money if you learn about trading options
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@yaninvests - I've been looking into covered calls, but need to learn more.
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@fatcatinvesting TD Ameritrade has a free course on options. Optionalpha.com also has free courses
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@yaninvests - thanks, will check both out!
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A great point Yan ! I think people who don't know much about investing generalize the risk of all types of investing. There are so many strategies that you can use to navigate the market based on your risk profile. It's essential to be aware of the differences. I am so grateful I got to learn about investing early and have a great community of individuals that share resources