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Q1 2023 Sea Limited $SE Earnings Preview
Earnings tomorrow morning - consensus estimates

Revenue: $3.03 billion +5% YoY

EPS: 0.64 vs -0.80 YoY

Digital Entertainment is the most profitable division (74% Gross Margin) but QAU's have declined significantly over the past 2 years - any sign of this recovering?

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Q4 2022 was the first ever profitable quarter for Sea and signalled a clear shift from management

Here is a refresher in advance of the Q1 release
Sea: First-ever profitable quarter
Sea Limited Q4 2022 Earnings Analysis
Sea: First-ever profitable quarter

Neil's avatar
@couch_investorMay 15
Just like with $PINS last year, I think the market wants to see a bottom, stop the bleeding. So far, that has not been the case.
Wolf of Harcourt Street's avatar
Wolf of Harcourt Street
@wolfofharcourtMay 16Author
@couch_investor I think the bottom is already in, expected to be profitable onwards now
Beaver Capital's avatar
Beaver Capital
@beaver_capMay 16
Looking forward to this one in the AM!
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