What are you adding to this week in all this carnage?
I got some free cash on my broker. Definitely adding to $AMZN, probably also $CNSWF and $ASML. $ADBE $DHR $CRM $DPZ $VEEV are also interesting.
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$AMZN on top of my list too. Cloud computing probably the biggest and most profitable industry in the next 10 years.
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Just added to $AMZN yesterday. Also added to $AAPL $MSFT $TSLA and $JEPQ
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@acb123 I might be adding to $MSFT too. Cloud is just so strong and AWS & Azure just have the best position in that market.
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@stonkmetal Yea, they do!
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@acb123 Is $JEPQ pretty much the dividend-payers of the Nasdaq?
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@tomato Yes, but also non-dividend payers as well. I actually just sold all of my $JEPQ lol. Had a change of heart.

I have been DCAing towards $JEPI for their monthly dividend income. Was thinking I'd do the same with $JEPQ but decided not too, so I cut 'em loose.