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📚 Book suggestions
Even if I consider the guy a joke nowadays, I believe this is the easiest book to read that can teach you the correct mindset toward Money. I read many investment-related books, but Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is the one I like to suggest the most. 👍

It's August; for many, this time of the year means summer, relaxation, and free time.

Please reply with a book suggestion (only one per person), so we can find something nice to read this summer. ⬇️

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For me it would be the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.
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@joeyhirendernath +1. Great read.
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One up on wall street! And Richer, wiser, happier 👌🏻👌🏻
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On a related book topic, I like the classic How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. After all, you need people skills to drive more deal flow
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If I can only submit one, it would be Super Pumped. The story of Uber's rise and fall. Excellent commentary on the boom and bust cycles in Silicon Valley, as well as the stark reality of building such a huge company. Really well written, and I tanked it in like a week.
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@investmenttalk great. I will write it down!
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@investmenttalk The TV series was exciting as well
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The man who solved the market. The story of how Jim Simons became a multibillionaire in quant trading. It reminds me never to short term trade. Bc if you do, you’re competing against genius mathematicians and super computers
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@rpinvestments i’ve never heard of this guy but I can’t wait to look into it. Seeking Alpha quant rakings are kicking ass and it’s a wonderful new tool to have in my utility belt.
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@wall_street_deebo Just FYI, Seeking Alpha quant rankings probably operate a bit differently from Simons, since his main fund is high frequency trading. On the other hand, Seeking Alpha pretty much holds "strong buy" ratings then drops them once out of favor.
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@prometheus gotcha
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Beating the Street by Peter Lynch 🤓
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So we’ve talked about this topic a couple times. I suggested several of the books mentioned here. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” changed my life. I grew up in poverty, that book taught me how to change my mindset.

One of the most underrated books in the investment community and one you can read in a day, is Joel Greenblatt’s, “The Little Book that Beats the Market”.

This book simplifies the idea of value investing by screening for effective management and enticing valuation. I like that I can go to the website and pop up a list of companies that meet these parameters, screened by market cap and different from parameters I can screen for elsewhere.

I hear people knock the “Magic Formula”, saying it doesn’t work🤦‍♂️ anybody thinking some magical system was going to invest successfully for them should’ve read some other books first. This is just another tool in the utility belt that helps provide ideas for investment with higher probability for capital appreciation.
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@wall_street_deebo great. i will buy it
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This is more of a soul searching book, but it’s really great. “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck really helps you to get clear on your motivations for the things you do in life. And after all, if you’re not clear on your intentions, it’s gonna be hard to keep going whether in investing or life in general, when the going gets tough.
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Rich Dad Poor Dad a classic and def would read. It's unfortunate that I'm down on Kiyosaki of late...Doomsday guy pushing his brand with outrageous takes on social media. Become grumpy and old imho lol

Psychology of Money would be my rec, for Morgan's eloquence in simplifying such profound points with such a wide net that makes it readable for any level reader, whether they are an investor, or just a young lad trying to be more in tune with their finances.
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@jensen kiyosaki become a meme unfortunately ((
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Check out The Motley Fool Investment Guide for a very general introduction. I also like The Davis Dynasty