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I told people at the beginning of 2022, right after Dec'21 Fed Minutes were released that 2022 is going to suck. Now I'm telling you... I'm very bullish for 2023, and I outlined my thesis several times. Check the tweet under from September, which I still stand by.

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Fingers crossed for those who are still long in this market. Capitulating in a bear market to de-risk is usually not recommended - better to stay on course, unless an investee company has fundamental issues surviving
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Appreciate the conviction! I am cautiously optimistic, think we finish broadly green for the year but not anticipating outsized returns, personally. Hope I’m wrong! Wouldn’t mind just a little +9000% or so return 😆
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@jensen Cathie Wood is leading the prayers now
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@consumeowntech In Cathie “Tiger” Wood we trust!



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