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Thoughts? 🥲
Reason 17329 why I come to Commonstock for financial/economic news over other social media platforms…

I saw this post from CNBC, so now you have to too 🤦‍♂️


One comment that got a laugh out of me was “What timeline are we living in where Beyoncé is a leading indicator of the labor market?”
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This is on par to using astrology as a stock picking strategy.
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@josh careful who you say that around 😂
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Haha, I enjoy using Instagram, but I make sure to not allow any finance related content into my feed.
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ok, but what do we think of the song? Has anyone listened to it?

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Before it was $SNAP the leading indicator of the economy now Beyonce, now we are rolling!
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@investmenttalk I visually malfunctioned
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I've never heard of that song. I'm confused on the caption. Does the caption say that the "Great Resignation" is in the past or is it continuing?
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@dissectmarkets gotta listen to see how astute of an observation this labor economist makes
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Thankfully that labor economist didn't get his name mentioned there, that would be bad
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@invesquotes who knows if it was even real lol. CNBC just engagement farming