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It's the Weekend!
Good morning to my lovely CS followers, fellow members, and staff - it's a glorious Saturday!

Well, I think I finally got the settings for linking M1 Finance correct and the only portfolio now displaying here on CS consists of a "pie" created around a modified version of Rick Ferri's Core-4 portfolio and another "pie", appropriately named 'Fat Cat Investing', created around a modified version of Seeking Alpha's "iREIT Durable Income Portfolio".

The full M1 portfolio with both pies is here -

As I stated in this previous post the goal is to use the 'Fat Cat Investing' pie as a sort of 'benchmark' against which to measure the performance of various real estate crowdfunding apps which I track on a Google Doc - Real Estate Rumble.

Meanwhile my full portfolio (minus mutual funds) can be found on Track My Dividends.

...and tonight, a birthday party and fine dining at Daisy Mae's Steakhouse - check'em out if you are ever in Tucson, AZ.

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