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$AMZN CEO Andy Jassy in recent interview with Fortt Knox:

“In our retail business, we have about 1% of the global retail market segment share & 85% lives in physical stores still”

“In AWS we have an $85B ARR business and 90+% of global IT spend is still on premises”

IMO, $AMZN is poised to leverage its logistics position in the space and bolster its position while improving margins.

On AWS, this just goes to show how huge this opportunity still is for $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT for years to come, and I believe these players will benefit the most.

The best thing about these hyperscalers is that they basically at this scale act like a tollbooths, similar to $MA $V upon which about every leader in the space willingly or unwillingly has to build on. With thoughtful management this should yield returns for shareholders.

Reason why I sold out of a lot of SaaS companies is that I’m not so sure of the landscape by say 2030, it’s changing very fast due to the nature of tech.

What I am sure of is that as more IT spend goes into cloud, $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT benefit 100%. And that’s a better bet for me.

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