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Is it a MOAT?
Google got sued by the DOJ in the U.S yesterday, citing that it has a monopoly in the digital ads market.

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While we see it as a moat, the regulator sees an anti-competitive market structure. According to an FT piece,

"The suit goes on to detail Google’s alleged anti-competitive conduct, such as using its ad network to steer advertisers on to the company’s own exchange. One scheme, codenamed Project Bernanke (so called because it “resembled quantitative easing” for ads), involved Google using its visibility into the ad market to surgically subsidise competitive ad auctions while upcharging advertisers for uncompetitive ones. Google’s cut grew, but its customers had no idea".

I fail to understand why big tech and specific companies get excessively scruitinised whilst the rest are just ignored. The U.S has monopolies or oligopolies in multiple industries but tech is under the scanner a whole lot more. (or at least it seems that way).

That begs me to ask the question - Are tech companies not spending enough $$$ for lobbying ?
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I think Big Tech had luck to be ignored by authorities for a long time. Now the politics realize how powerful they are



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