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Cathie Wood Poll
Will Cathie Wood mount a comeback in the next few years?
17 VotesPoll ended on: 1/6/2023
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Media will root for her comeback once conditions simmer down bc of how much people talk about her imo. Makes a good story
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I think she will be sent to the pages of history just like the “brilliant” fund managers of the dot com era were
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@rpinvestments Thanks for sharing, great read
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I say flash in the pan. Had anyone heard of her before COVID? I think the media will mint a new star before they go back to Cathie
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@tomato Yeah I tend to agree with this, seems like retail may need a new hero
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Hard to say. Depends on whether her strategy is rewarded again, I would think no.
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Regardless of what happens to her, I do have to say I enjoy her economic updates. Even if you use her as a contrarian indicator, she'll make you think.
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My portfolio says I like her very much 🤓 certainly, I like her ARKK holdings



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