$AGNC I quit!
I exited out of AGNC (I fell for the dividend trap) and wanted to exit out of it before it made significant damage. Here is the summary:
  1. 📈 Increase in cash flow: With $JEPI and $QYLD in my portfolio that gives me decent income per month, I am reducing my risky monthly dividend stocks. The riskiest among those was $AGNC. I sold on around 5% capital loss and around 8% dividends income.
  2. 🔴 Risks with AGNC: There are many risks associated with AGNC. Decreasing dividends, deteriorating financials, and current macroeconomic environment.
  3. ♻️ Substitution: Since I generate enough monthly income with my income ETFs, I am focusing on long-term dividend growth. I have initiated a position on CME.

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Liking the new visual for a loss trade :)
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@investmenttalk Cool ain't it? But, dark mode is even cooler 🤭
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@investor_from_nepal I need to come to the dark side