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Portfolio preview 19/6/22

Things are stabilizing over there. A few moves I have in my mind but most of those will stay at the top. $AMD likely to join the top 12 club as I liquidate my $QCOM position like I said in my previous post.

also want to add to my $TSLA at some point to make it roughly 10% position after we went and tried out MYP yesterday with my dad (tried M3P last summer). there's no EV even close to the Tesla experience. I'll probably hold on though until after Q2 print as I expect them to miss due to Shanghai lockdowns while WS delivery expectations remain higher than some of the reliable data checks indicate. Let's see.
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Beautiful looking portfolio.

How big would you let any one position grow to?

Say if $TTD, $SHOP, or $U were to triple after a few years.
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@joryko I'd love to let my winners run, so I have no artificial limit in place. sure if we were to run up like crazy and there's some other positions I'm more bullish on with more substantial upside in my view, then I may take some profits along the way and reinvest them into that position, but as long as these beasts execute, there's no reason for me to stop them! 😎
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Do you have a limit to how big you let a position become?
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@couch_investor no limits in place, I want to let them run. may occassionally take some profits along the way if I see other "better" opportunities.
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@sammeciar fair enough