Why is $SCHW Schwab so much under pressure lately & today? -37% in 2023 ... Asymmetry?
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Market reading too much into this?

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When it should be reading more into this?

Time to pick up 'schwabies', a time tested franchise? Food for thought...

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Why should the second figure scare the market? I guess because it implies that most assets are financial assets rather than bonds, but not sure.
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I share your enthusiasm for $SCHW as well. Same with $WAL after looking at similar data sets. @maverickresearch
@arny_trezzi And yes— it speaks to over leveraging. However, I wouldn’t say that we should be “scared of it” rather… use it a tool to manage risk.
At this point— I don’t see it getting worse as “a rising tide lifts all boats”— ie the fed/other larger private banks intervening.



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