Update on my page- (astronautwizard)
I re-branded my page a little bit and wanted to start fresh. I had to sell my $PLTR position as I lost my job (tech layoffs) and had to pay a penny for my taxes. I should be back soon with a list of growth stocks that I plan to ride with for a long time! I will be more diversified in my investments moving forward but I still believe $PLTR will win in the end. My goal will be to post my progress every two weeks or so moving forward once I come back. Moving forward I shouldn't have to sell again as I wont be dealing with margin and this account is purely for long term growth stocks that I plan to hold for awhile, so wont be taking money out, only adding money in.
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Good you have a positive attitude towards this unfortunate event my man. A hiccup only!
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Sorry to hear about the layoffs but proud of you for keeping your eye on the future. Lessons learned from adversity are hard won indeed. Looking forward to seeing your growth stock coverage in the future.
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@nathanworden much love Nathan, I appreciate you.
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Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.

Good to see the glass half full attitude, you’ve got this!
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@odysseus appreciate the kind words, means a lot to me thank you



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