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Not So Deep Dive: Farfetch Revisited
Today we revisited Farfetch stock, which is going through a brutal drawdown right now.

Here are some questions I was wondering about, or would need to have answered before considering an investment:

  • How much of the long-term thesis is tied to China? Is that luxury market predictable?
  • Can I understand the strange balance sheet items? (there are a lot of them)
  • Are they going after too many initiatives at once?
  • What sort of margins will they have at maturity?

Anyone with thoughts on the business, please let me know, would love to learn more about it

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What's pretty clear is that Jose Neves is not going to make a lot of money because most of his compensation was tied to stock price reaching certain levels at a predetermined date which will likely not happen
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@invesquotes Yeah was interesting to see the first hurdle was 75 dollars a share. Although I don't think he is complaining given his high ownership already