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$ETSY - breakdown from acquisitions
Do we have breakdowns from the last 2 buys $ETSY made? How are they growing? I need to read the latest Etsy release…any insights would be helpful. It’s a laggard in my portfolio!

Thanks in advance!
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I am writing something on Etsy earnings, so will share that here when it's done.

Not read the full report for Q1 yet, but at the end of last Q, it was still Etsy marketplace pulling most of the weight (~93% of GMS), whilst Depop and Elo7 suffered, and Reverb did 'okay'.
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@investmenttalk I read the release…not excited at all…unless there’s fine print I’m missing $ETSY has very little product cadence to keep sellers on board. The average spend per buyer is falling heavily. Goodwill is too large a part of the balance sheet and high debt levels for a generally low capex business doesn’t make sense. (I’m long and in the red, after being up 3x late last year!…so this statement isn’t a rant to hopefully buy lower 🙃 )