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I feel very fortunate to be able to invest 50% or more of my salary. Most people don’t have this opportunity, which is why I’m taking advantage of it and trying to build wealth aggressively.

I’m about to close a contract that will help me with this tremendously too. Essentially, the money my employer deduces from my salary will be invested in MSCI World index, instead of going to the state’s Social Insurance company. That way I’ll be able to retain this money invested in a rather great annual yield whilst mitigating potential future policy changes by our politicians in regards to pensions, since the demographics trend is pretty bad and they’ll almost surely raise the age bar for retirement and pensions. By doing this, I’ll be able to indirectly influence this pile of money that is deduced from my salary anyways and even withdraw all of it in my 50s. The calculations show that by the time I’m in my 60s, I should have €600k+ saved up by just going to work as I would anyways.

This €600k+ figure is independent from the investments I make on my own off of my salary, so the money in the end will be much higher.

As a reminder, an average net salary in my country is about €1000/month (€12k/yr)

This is partly the reason I have been less active on lately as I was really looking into how I can squeeze even more wealth from the opportunities I have. This and my job obviously as I’m still learning some stuff 🤠
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I had to do a double take on that €12k per year. What country is this, @sammeciar?
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@tomato I live in Slovakia.
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The benefits of being young and having no kids! Kudos sir.



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