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July portfolio overview
Ending the month, it's time to do yet another portfolio snapshot. There wasn't much going on besides maybe selling out of $U and reinvesting money from that position into a few others, so I'm pretty happy with what my portfolio looks like now. Obviously, there are much more earnings to go and maybe even pleasant or unpleasant surprises and I'll for sure adapt to the new circumstances and information given. This time especially as it's becoming more and more clear who are the real winners despite the tough environment and who's not. Remember - Buy and Verify.

5/21 earnings in total behind me. None of them disappointed my expectations thus far and if anything, multiple of my predictions from last months are increasingly proving to be right (number of SaaS solutions consolidating, Meta's problem, and the fact that they don't own the distribution channels, ...)

Hope you're having a great one so far too... :)
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Nice portfolio Samuel!
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Great companies only!
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You done with Affrm ?
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@jkess54 for a while now, yes. I consider myself still invested given that $SHOP has roughly 7% stake in the company.
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Nice mix of memes and solid companies
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@etfoasis your definition of memes has to be very skewed then.