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Microsoft vs Google
Microsoft Is Coming After Alphabet's Money Printing Business

By now you've probably heard about Microsoft's (potential) $10B investment in OpenAI and what they could do with it (Office, Bing, Outlook, etc...).

This will also boost the cloud (Azure) side of the business. Which I think should be the highlight here.

Bing vs Google Search is a conversation to revisit in a couple of years' time. Right now, there's no discussion. Google search is the dominant player in the Search game.

I started using Bing this week and it has become my default search engine on my PC. I'm testing it out and will share my thoughts a month from now. As of now, I like it, and let's be honest, there's no big difference.

Back to the deal.

The deal would see Microsoft get 75% of OpenAI's profits until the investment is recouped and then owning 49%.

I'm just guessing here but a large amount of that investment will go into Azure. Win-Win.

According to a report, Microsoft will use OpenAI's artificial intelligence in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps so customers can automatically generate text using simple prompts.

Creating Excel sheets that took you hours will now take you minutes.

Artificial intelligence will interfere with a lot of current moats.

I think Microsoft is probably one of the best investments one can make when you look at how many emerging/growing technologies they're operating in.

Cloud, Ads, AI, Gaming, VR/AR, Collaborating tools, Cyber, etc...

What do you think?

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