$POOL long vs short term thoughts
Poolcorp $POOL will have a down year in 2023 when it comes to both new installs and remodels.

But if you are able to look further out, there is so much potential with a growing and aging base of pools coupled with more upscale and tech integration adding incremental revenues.


At the moment the price seems a bit optimistic given the shorter term headwinds so I’d be looking for an opportunity closer to 250-300$ range for a margin of safety should the recovery post 2023 take longer than expected.


I own a small position and have no intention in selling even though it seems a little overpriced at the moment. Long term, I like the business and I could very easily be wrong about the short term. Ideally I get an opportunity to add on price weakness on short term worries.
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Pool is high up on my watch list too.
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@rpinvestments do you have any thoughts on what would be an enticing entry point or is it merely a opportunity set problem in terms of why it is currently not in the portfolio?
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@mos_capital I also would like sub 300. I almost bought at 300 even last month before the recent run up
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Love the analysis! If you're looking for your next idea, consider $AOS because they have similar types of tailwinds



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