This Is What Its All About
Yesterday in a stock discussion group I moderate, one of the members shared this note about their investing progress:

Post media(Screen shot shared with permission)

What gets me most excited about this is not necessarily the big gain in a stock, but the fact that this person took more control over their financial life.

When it comes to things like health, relationships, education, and money, my personal opinion is that you have to take personal responsibility for maintaining and improving.

Yes, you need mentors and teammates to aid you in your journey, but at the end of the day, you can't pay anyone else to manage:
  • Your health; you still have to go out and exercise
  • Your relationships; you have to be the one interacting, otherwise it's not your relationship.
  • Your education: No one else can learn something for you.
  • Your money:

Your money is the stored value of your efforts contributing to society. Both its generation and its application is very personal to who you are as an individual. No one else can direct the fruits of your labors the way you can.

You are the only one who can choose what is best to do with your money. I get really excited when I see people lean in to that.
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Thanks for sharing this Nathan. It’s important to be part of group that creates that atmosphere of positive influence, and just like you put it, you have to take personal responsibility on personal growth, maintenance, and improvement.
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Yeah, sometimes I feel like if people just got exposed to a group like that it can change their life. Commonstock for the win!
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Great job Nathan! Thank for sharing.
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Of course! :D
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Thanks to many conversations with @nathanworden about taking responsibility for getting out of debt now, I’ve paid 37,000 of my student loan debt and will finish next year. If it wasn’t for you, I would be taking advantage of this zero percent interest rate being offered right now and paying the minimal payment or zero dollars. Instead, I’m paying double the minimum payment and saying “yea right” zero percent interest, no thanks!!