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Serious Question
Has anyone ever looked into the company Plaid? I’ve had my eye on them for a very long time now. Begging for them to go public. They were supposed to get acquired by Visa but that deal fell through. Would’ve made Visa into more of a monopoly then it even is today. Very interested in this name. I hope to eventually get the chance to invest in them
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Yes. In fact commknstock uses plaid themselves!
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Not sure if you're a part of Forge but I think they might still sell equity: . I was thinking about signing up with them to get some OpenSea equity before crypto tanked (dodged a bullet).
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CS uses plaid!
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@investmenttalk even more of a reason to own it lol. I’m actually going to make another post there’s a lot of private companies I’m waiting to go public
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Yep. Probably the biggest thing that would happen to $V if they had got it.



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