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Railroad Strike Averted
I’m extremely happy that a railroad strike has been averted… but I’m selfishly disappointed that I didn’t get my latest memo posted first.

I was working on a thesis of how a strike would effect diesel prices and refiners.

Here’s the cliff notes:

Strike bad, no strike good (for refiners and for transportation costs, aka inflation)

At least it saved me an hour of typing this morning. 😊


(edit: There was a huge drop in diesel cracks yesterday in anticipation of a potential strike, from $59 to $50. I expect to see this reverse by the end of the week now that there is a deal in place. Interestingly Gas cracks bumped up slightly yesterday, potentially anticipating the slowdown in production that would come from lower diesel cracks.)
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Sign of relief when I saw they averted the strike. Don't need extra weird pressures on inflation right now.
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@rihardjarc 100% agree