Portfolio 6/18
A bit has changed since the last time I posted. Intel has claimed more portfolio share and CVS has taken a top 4 spot.

Also $BOC despite not showing up at all is 9th at 6% of my portfolio. In between $DXJ and $SYLD.

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Like $INTC at these levels. Long
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What would you say is the biggest risk for $INTC? It’s not my main industry to follow, but it looks way too stable and cheap not to consider - especially with the major investments it has planned.
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@joryko I think the biggest risk is failure to innovate in a positive way and a time risk.

To illustrate I will use the example of LG's smartphone division. LG had been in the smartphone market for years. Every year the company would put some new gimmicky feature on their phones, the first ultrawide camera, vein detection and reading tech, or curved displays. Simply the company was innovating but not in useful ways and eventually LG lost a lot of its base because the gimmicks weren't useful and the hardware certainly didn't make up for it. Last year LG announced they would be shutting down their phone division. This is the simple explanation but I think it applies to Intel.

They can continue to innovate but at the end of the day those innovations have to perform exceptionally AND better then AMD/Nvidia's innovation. On top of this is they could simply be too late. Tech moves fast and by the time Intel builds all these fancy new buildings AMD/Nvidia may already be to far ahead.

TL;DR intel doesnt innovate they lose market share to the very real competition and the death spiral begins.
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I want to personally welcome $CVS to #4
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@from100kto1m me too, love the company