Behavioural Finance
Yes, yes, i know! Who's got time to be reading long papers? Here's a super condensed excerpt that I'm sure will benefit all Investors & Traders. Each aspect is explained in a single paragraph. Bite-size knowledge and is good for reference.

Click link and download the PDF

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These types of heuristics are so helpful in creating mental modals. I bookmarked this to make it easier to reference!
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@nathanworden I just realised you could bookmark lol. I can now close the million tabs i have open clogging my computers RAM.
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@buyingyourtime we had a lot of people asking us for that feature so I love telling people it’s there!
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This is a great graphic! Thanks for sharing
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Big fan of behavioural finance. thx for sharing will be a weekend read :)
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@rihardjarc The link is for a PDF that summarises the paper and to be fair the summary is enough (information bias).

But, I will be posting some more in-depth stuff in the future.
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@buyingyourtime Great thanks for the extra info.