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Conor Value: Update
Hello Friends,

I have been extremely busy this summer trying to finish up my MBA. I haven't had much time for investing or Commonstock. In light of my busy schedule, I have opted for a more "passive" investing approach.

I have strated investing $500 in each Alpha Pick from Seeking Alpha. If you're not familiar with Alpha Picks it is similar to Motley Fool where they recommend a stock selection every two weeks to people who are signed up. I decided to go with Seeking Alpha because I was already on their platform, and I love the fact they use a combination of value, momentum, quality, small-cap, etc. to make their selections.

It has been working out GREAT for me so far (I am beating the S&P 500 this year). Especially since I don't have much time to look for undervalued stocks myself. I will still invest in an undervalued stock if I find one that looks very promising, however, most of my buys will be from Alpha Picks.


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