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2023 tech rally
The tech-heavy Nasdaq is having its best start to a year since 2001.
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Quite a bounce back!
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We're seeing the symmetry of investment beta (β) / volatility play out in the real world.
Sector and stocks suffering the worst percentage falls will usually be the ones recording the highest percentage gains during a recovery.
It's not easy to keep buying during the depths of a bear market, but those who do are starting to get rewarded for their gumption. Just a reminder that it's never a linear path to recovery. We always climb a wall of worry that things will get derailed. For those of you in accumulation mode, keep on keeping on !
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@jazziyoung So are you still buying? I tend not to let cash accumulate in my portfolio but I'm tempted to save some dry powder in the event we take that recessionary dive the bears have been calling for. Some stocks have marched a good bit higher! (Checked $SBUX lately?)

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@tomato At the moment I've only been adding to my smart-β funds $MOAT & $COWZ. $SBUX has had an amazing run. The market technicians have always said the strongest, most resilient businesses rebound first in a recovery. Starbucks obviously falls in that category. The power of the coffee bean. One of my favs $MKC, has suffered a declining stock price because of supply chain constraints and ingredient inflation. These are one-time macro issues that will eventually pass, so I'm keen to add, but my own rules have me sitting it out until the price recovers above the 200-Day SMA :). D'oh ... rules rules rules ...
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Don’t jinx it! 🤪
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Young bull baby…
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First time in a long time I see bears also become a little nervous with this.



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