$ABNB Results
Nights and Experiences booked: 102.1M (59% YoY growth)
Gross Booking Volume: $17.2 Billion (67% YoY growth)
80% YoY revenue growth to $1.5 Billion

New features paying off:
  • 2 billion uses of "I'm Flexible"
  • 21%/15% U.S/Global growth in active listings
  • Long term stays doubling from Q1 2019

More to unpack but my initial impression is pretty good. It's great to see new features being utilized as this is an important growth driver. Will probably add to position tomorrow.
Jensen Butler's avatar
Great quarter - love what this company is doing with Chesky at the helm
Rihard Jarc's avatar
The results were great, the stock is already priced quite high that is why the stock price reaction wasn't even bigger. What was even more impressive was the guidance for Q2 and mentioning first signs of record Q3 and Q4 quarter.