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Making changes to my portfolio
Yesterday, I pulled the trigger and sold $PYPL to pursue other opportunities/add to my existing positions. About half of the proceedings went to $SHOP. The other half will wait there for a bit until I decide where to deploy it. There's nothing wrong with $PYPL though, solid company, but I evaluated where I want to have my blockchain/fintech allocation and decided to cut it as there are some higher conviction bets I have out there.

I'm also a bit more busy now, hence why I post less. Here's what's going on:

I view this tech selloff as an incredible buying opportunity and since I'm cash constrained, I plan to do some consolidation. I've started a physical exercise book where I write down holdings attributable to every one of my investing themes and see how much do they cover the thing, I write down anything that comes across my mind, every relevant data point that could help me decide. You can call it brainstorming. Then when I'm done with all of them within the theme I look at it and see who's big overlaps or simply doesn't cover the theme enough for me to really care about it as an independent holding. Those and companies with not too significant leadership on the market I will cut. This is a time to stick to the leaders, best of breed players.

I already wrote down like 6 A4 pages and am only like 15% done I believe... will spend this weekend doing the work. I'm really passionate about this and confident making these hard choices/mistakes early on in my journey. I have a really good feeling about this, I haven't been so focused as I am now, for a pretty long time. Let's do this!
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good luck with that!
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@stock.owl thank you, Luka!
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Good luck Sam! It's really great to see you constantly verifying, evolving and refining your process over time.
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@joeyhirendernath thank you, Joey! It really is a never ending and constantly evolving process, and that's perhaps what makes me so curious and excited about the world of investing and finance!
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Hope all goes as planned!
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Cheers, Samuel
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Added $SHOP. I agree time to buy companies that have a proven offering and have proven ability to innovate and grow
I’ve added $SHOP. More room to grow than $PYPL which is in a highly contested space imo