Pretty freakin' cool
I joined Commonstock and Fintwit at basically the same time in September.

Today I have 2 followers on Fintwit.
Today I have 34 followers on Commonstock (and unlocked follower assets)

Both are great platforms, but if you don't already have a following and are looking to have good investing conversations... I've found Commonstock more receptive.

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I am really curious to see how these platforms will look operating at scale... gonna be fascinating to understand what the critical hook will be to drive mass adoption (like Facebook achieved ) or whether multiple sites will operate in tandem with smaller communities...
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GREAT question... I'm curious as well
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Well done Andy!
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Congrats @andybuchanan 🎉 yeah it’s weird how that works. I know bunch of people here who don’t follow me on Twitter either 😅 🤷🏻‍♂️

Everyone has different agendas and that’s fine

I love the interaction on commonstock

Seeing great future 🥳
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Congrats Andy 🎉



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