Visa biz model
Many people believe $V is a credit card company, surprise, it's a payment gateway, allowing the processing of payments and helping reduce fraud. $V helps set the interchange rate and takes a small fee from each transaction across its network.

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Saw this picture on your twitter thread. Payment gateway as opposed to payment processor Aka my baby Fiserv
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An awesome graphic that clarifies the major misconception about $V Thanks for sharing Dave
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@joeyhirendernath my pleasure 😁
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I remember when i first came across payment ecosystem diagrams a few years back. I did not expect so many pathways. Particularly when you send international which is why come cryptocurrencies are a good substitute i.e. Less intermediaries for international payments.

P.S. not advocating any coins just making an observation.
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@buyingyourtime I was also thinking crypto for international payments
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Very cool! So where does something like $ADYEY fit into this?



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