$COIN Earnings Summary
Q1 EPS ($1.98) vs est. $0.05
Revenue $1.17B vs est. $1.5B

Major miss. Down 15% after hours.

Incredible downtrend on this name.
Jensen Butler's avatar
Market cap of this one just evaporating ruthlessly since peaking last year shorty after its IPO. What a move
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
@jensen could not agree more. Never buy a downtrending stock - my motto that applies directly to $COIN no matter how strong the FA is on a company. Awful quarter and an offering after hours.
Scoreboard Investor's avatar
Glad I only bought 1 share as a starter position. It is down just about 70% for me 😅
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
@scorebdinvestor hopefully we can see some turnaround over the next few years