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Added some more $TXN, management is as good as it gets and I'm in for the ride.

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Joey Hirendernath
@joeyhirendernathMay 17
Nice one! Who in your opinion is the most impressive member of the management team?
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@diggityMay 18
@joeyhirendernath rich templeton the former ceo was pretty impressive. he just stepped down last month. i don't know much about haviv ilan but he's been a long term company insider.
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Heavy Moat Investments
@stonkmetalMay 18Author
@joeyhirendernath Rafael Lizardi and Rich Templeton have been a dream team for a long time. Great capital allocators investing for the next decade(s) rather than quarter. Haviv Ilan basically went the same path as Templeton before becoming CEO and he talks a in a very similar way. I'm sure he'll follow in Templeton's steps.
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