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Death, taxes and $ASML
I wake up this morning to this seeking alpha headline in my email inbox.
Obviously I open it immediately. $ASML has no competition in EUV. It’s my largest holding. Did competition invent a new method to bypass EUV? I didn’t think that was possible outside of quantum computing. Which is decades off…
So I read seeking alpha click bait headline and then I read $AMAT press release. They don’t bypass EUV lithography. Molten tin lasers are too awesome to bypass. They do have a new technique to stretch wafers to allow foundries to bypass double patterning. Which is good. It saves foundries time and money. But lithography is like death and taxes. It is inevitable.
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If there were a shadow of a doubt about their dominance: $ASML ended 2022 with total net sales for the year of €21.2B and a backlog of €40.4B. One doesn't need to know a thing about extreme ultraviolet lithography to appreciate this company's gorilla moat! Their machines will be crucial in the proliferation of AI applications.
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I think you would do well to actually read the article, it’s not clickbait at all. The author, who’s a regular contributor here @invesquotes goes to great lengths to explain why AMAT is not threatening ASML. He does by making the same point, I.e. the tool is supposed to increase efficiency thereby maybe requiring less EUV but if you read the article, ASML itself is coming out with similar tech first
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@karan10489 I don’t have a subscription and it’s behind a pay wall. Thanks for clarifying
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The semiconductor industry experts I follow say this could be a big deal. Hard to say anything is deadset in such an innovative industry
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It does not reduce the need to have an EUV machine but for some use cases it seems you will need less EUV machines if you are a big foundry.
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I'm curious on how many orders TSMC already placed for centura sculpta?



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