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April Month End Summary

Here's the month end summary for my personal portfolio. I decided to no longer link my longer term Roth Accounts because the data wasn't quite working that well and because there's not yet a way to separate different portfolio styles. Below is a snippet of a summary I write (mostly for myself to track my thoughts, but also for a few close friends).

Intro - Month Summary
Another horrible month where bad macro news had the biggest affect on stock prices. Several companies (not in my personal portfolio) have reported earnings at the end of the month, and it's been encouraging to see stock prices rise when the company reported good earnings. I've even seen stock prices rise on mixed earnings, so I'm hoping that things are starting to rebound or even just normalize a little bit. But maybe that's just hopeful thinking. So far this year, it has not been fun to buy stocks. Pretty much every purchase I've made this year has lost money. But I think if we fast forward several years, we can look back to 2022 and say this was a good year to load up on stocks.

Investing Philosophy - Concentrated Portfolio
My investing philosophy is borrowed from Saul's Investing Discussions which is a particular discussion board that is hosted on the Motley Fool Community Boards. Saul's board revolves around the idea that to get high returns you should have a concentrated portfolio of hypergrowth companies.

My Results
My portfolio closed this month down 21.70% for April and down 41.64% year-to-date.

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Wow Um that sucks 😢 hope for better times and quick recovery on your stocks!
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Results for my primary retirement account (not linked) -

last month (April) -5.51%
year to date -11.25%
1 yr -6.25%
3 yr +6.04%
5 yr +6.54%

At least I am still up over the long term, that's something.
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@fatcatinvesting I got started in mid-2020 (like many did). Luckily I ended 2021 +46% so while it hurts to be down this year, I can't complain too much. I'm in it for the long haul.
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My retirement portfolio, which is most of my equities, was down 18.6% in April and ~32% YTD so I’m right there with ya. Better times ahead!
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How do you stay focused on the long term after a pretty rough month? Love getting insights into other investor’s psychology
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@scorebdinvestor I try to focus on the bigger picture and the business fundamentals. $DDOG reported their earnings this morning and all I see is a company that is continuing to execute well. I can see these companies being much larger than they are in 3+ years. It also helps that pretty much the entire market is down. Yes, my stocks are down more, but I think when things turn around these stocks will be up more.

Also, I try to tune out the people on Fintwit and even on here that focus on shorter term investing/trading. I have no problem with people doing that, but it doesn't fit my investing horizon, so in that sense it's just noise.