Why Zoom Video Is More Than Just Virtual Meetings, With Sean Emory
This week on Chit Chat Money we interviewed Sean Emory from the fund Avory & Co. on Zoom Video $ZM

The business has been forgotten by a lot of investors after the COVID hype, but is still chugging along and continues to add new products and customers to increase revenue. Plus, it is a software company and is (gasps!) profitable.

Listen to our interview and learn more about Zoom's business wherever you get your podcasts:

Jensen Butler's avatar
Google Meet > Zoom! 😄
Brett Schafer's avatar
@jensen Not in a million years lol
Joshua Simka's avatar
I have yet to hear of anyone in any of my friendly or professional circles using $ZM for anything other than virtual meetings... This sounds interesting!
Brett Schafer's avatar
@tomato Yeah they are slowly trying to build out more enterprise tools