Okay - want to start posting on this platform. What are the best practices?

I know the user base isn’t huge, and it’s meant for stocks. Should you post authentic content? Is posting my breakfast smart? Probably cross posting tweets not about stocks wouldn’t make sense right?

Certain platforms build moats around highly targeted communities, how would you recommend actually creating content for this platform?
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Welcome Amit! This platform mostly focuses on analysis of stocks and economic data as we are all working together to achieve growing our accounts and navigating the waters of the market. Most things you will see are stock related
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Adding to @investorinsight, I think there is a place on this platform to share your ideas, thoughts and psychology around investing. I would say anything that comes to mind around investing that can spark a thought or conversation!
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Love this question! Yeah I'd say anything that relates to investing is the way to go. Would love to see Palantir content!
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Hey @amitisinvesting! Clout (for lack of a better term) on this platform is measured in followers and follower assets, so I'd focus on creating the highest quality content that would be most useful to members who might then follow you. Linking your portfolio and posting about its construction and your investing habits as well as any changes you make or high conviction additions makes for great content. Beyond that I'd suggest picking a handful of stocks that you follow and post on like an expert. Make sure to include images and links! And then don't forget to check back and respond to people who engage you in the comments :)
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Hmm I think maybe @investmenttalk can give some light on this
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Hey Amit, saw that @from100kto1m tagged me here. Aside from the great suggestions from the rest of the gang here are a few pointers and will address the specific points you made too:

Profile Picture: I think having some kind of profile picture helps people recognise you better, so would upload one.

Authentic Content: For now, some people see Commonstock as a top of funnel, perhaps like Twitter, which is okay. As such, we are not going to penalise people for sharing the work they write on Substack for instance. In those cases, I find the best way to generate engagement and conversation is to avoid merely posting the link. Members typically like to read content ON Commonstock, and not be pulled away, so spending a little time formatting that substack article into Commonstock, or maybe just even the first 40% of it (as a blurb) goes a long way.

Length: You are free to write in any length you see fit, whether its a quick update, a 500 word thesis, a longer article-type post, or even just a question. We don't have character limits, so long-form writing and conversations in the comments are supported, but you can do what you like.

Subject Matter: You are right, this is a community for investors, and as such photos of your breakfast (with no context) is typically not the kind of content that will work best. It's nuanced, everything doesn't have to be strictly a stock thesis, or a macro call, but the majority of the content is typically related to markets, investing, and that general field.

Creating Content: Partially alluding to it above, and the other comments in this memo do a great job of explaining, but the best thing to do is just give it a bash, try it out, see what happens. If you make sure to add tickers when mentioning specific stocks, your post will be added to that stock's asset page, for others to find.

Feed: So, you have a "Home" feed and a "Following" feed. The following feed works as it does on Twitter, you'll see the post of people you chose to follow. The "Home" feed, which mostly everyone uses primarily for now, is everything on Commonstock, in chronological order.

This obviously wouldn't work on Twitter, it would be mayhem, but it made sense for us, originally, so that everyone could be "seen" and have engagement from the community. So we don't pick and chose what goes on the home feed. As we scale, the type of feed naturally becomes more redundant. I can't say much more, but expect some updates to the feed soon.

You will also see a toggle between "new" and "top". New, is every post, live, as it is posted in chronological order. But if you select "top" you can filter the most upvotes memos across a range of timespans (recent, past week, past month", and so on.

Alternatively, you can use the tags to find content on those topics, but the tags system will be updated soon too.

Hope that helps a little with feed dynamics.
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@investmenttalk If you ever wanna hop on a call, or ask more specific questions, my door is always open.