Monday's Coffee - The upcoming week 25/07 - 29/07
Fueled by hopes that inflation has peaked, bad Housing Starts and Buildings permits numbers, and good earnings from Goldman Sachs and Tesla, the bear market continued to rally with the S&P 500 ($SPX) gaining about 10.3% to 4,012 points and Nasdaq 100 ($NDX) gaining 14.61% to 12,660 points since its bear market trough on June 16.

Last Friday, Snap reported disappointing second-quarter results in shares down 39% and caused concerns among Ads-based companies such as Google ($GOOGL) and Meta ($META) amid their earnings this upcoming week.

This upcoming week we will have FOMC with Rate Decision, GDP Q2, full of tech companies' earnings and lots of key data and events making it, the most important week in this quarter and will be a compass for the next direction of the market. Let's dive in and see what awaits us in the upcoming week and how to prepare.

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