3 Additions, 3 New Starter Positions
I threw my weekly money in early this week with Thanksgiving coming and a down market this morning.

I added to $NFLX, $CROX, and $RGEN while opening watchlist positions in $NVEC, $OFLX, and $CE.

Brief thoughts on why I added to each:

  • Netflix - I always wanted to buy but never liked the price. Now with its 50-day MA set to pass its 200, I figure I might as well jinx it with my minimal TA knowledge.
  • Crox - Declining ROIC, but still at 24% in its last quarter, even bringing HEYDUDE into the fold.
  • Repligen - Picks and shovels play to the biotech industry, and I want to increase my exposure there.
  • NVE Corp - I made a post about the company here: https://commonstock.com/post/0774fb1d-a929-4f37-a4df-6fd52183db56 It's a weird one I want to keep track of after a surprising spike in growth.
  • Omega Flex - Maker of flexible metal hosing with an average ROIC of 36% over the last decade. Expensive, but it always seems to be with its pretty financials. I will hopefully make a post on this one shortly.
  • Celanese - Uncle Warren just bought a handful of shares, and Eddy Elfenbein has mentioned that he likes the stock in his newsletter, so I'm buying to remember it. Fun fact, Celanese was spun out of Celgene way back in the day.

Does anything look intriguing or terrifying to you all here?
Which is your favorite of these buys?
5%Basket of NVEC, OFLX, and CE
17 VotesPoll ended on: 11/24/2022
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