Crowdsourcing Starlink Valuation Research
Dave Lee put out a video on Youtube describing his valuation case for Starlink over the next ten years.

In the video, he asked for help researching the market size is for long-haul internet communications data and the margins on that business.

Commonstock is the perfect command center for a group of people to come together and help out on research like this.

If you have any expertise in this area (or want to learn) join the Starlink Research Group here on Commonstock:

It would be awesome to help Dave out and to welcome him to the Commonstock community!

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Big names in the networking engineering space are Cisco and Cloudflare. Might be a good place to start in researching the market size and margins on internet communications.
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In case the above invite link didn't work for you (it didn't for me), you can try this:
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launching satellites / other business-related objects (similar to what $SPCE and Rocket Lab are doing to different degrees) is going to be such a huge market opportunity
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@nathanworden The Long Haul Internet Provider business is an interesting business that Starlink could disrupt. I think we need to look at the total bandwidth capacity that each satellite to see if we can reach the numbers that are provided by a deep sea fiber cable.