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Quick $SNOW Thoughts
I’ll be watching the Analyst Day presentation later today, but some quick thoughts on the announcements I’ve seen so far:
  • I like how the product announcements revolve around application development and incorporating Streamlit. Mission critical apps will support already elite customer stickiness and net revenue retention.
  • Unistore Workload appears to continue to expand Snowflake’s TAM. Private preview success with a company like Adobe is encouraging. “50x improvement in delivery preparation time” is no joke.
  • The more Python/Anaconda support the better, and it looks like Snowflake is more than doubling down with heavy investment for Snowpark in Python, now in public preview.
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Off to a strong start this morning
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@nathanworden I’m digging it
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I may never fully understand $SNOW, but it is one of those companies that has too many smart people following it, supported by incredible growth, for me not to own a tiny bit to start.

Will have to look at everything later today and see what I can make sense of. 😂
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@joryko it’s one of those companies where the more you learn the less you know. I work in tech but I’ve never been hands on with Snowflake or Databricks, so take my analysis with a grain of salt.
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@wjared 😂 that is an amazing way to put it, I love that saying.