Lol excuse my language but wtf. Cramer on mad money tonight said Disney should fire Bob Chapek. Hey Jim you idiot they just gave him a new deal with the board backing him. Guys the fakest Disney holder I’ve ever seen in my life. Sure I’ll 100 percent admit how the business has been doing is terrible. But this guy switches his mind so much. Next week he’ll go back to liking Chapek. Chapek trying to turn Disney plus into something. Nobody said it was gonna be easy. It took a long time for Netflix to get to where they are. Disney has other businesses they focus on as well as Disney plus but obviously Disney plus is a big future growth driver. Again like I’ve said I’m not ready to give up on Chapek. I do admit how the company and business has performed lately is not ideal at all and cause for some concerns but to come out and say Chapek should be fired, I just have to laugh at that
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You've summed up why the Inverse Cramer index has performed so well.
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@dissectmarkets lol exactly right and why I’m buying more Disney tomorrow. Guarantee it’s up tomorrow after this announcement by Cramer lol
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He doesn't aspire to be a Disney holder. Cramer (with the help of his team of writers and producers) is really making TV--entertainment, though what he says sounds like investing advice. A buy-and-hold investing approach makes for real boring programming, so he pretty much has to flip flop all the time. Best not to get too worked up about what he says.
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@tomato I usually don’t but literally the other day he was praising Disney. Like doing things like that so quickly it makes no sense. It’s not even entertainment at that point lol
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Cramer most of the time has to say things for "show". He also called Mark and $META as done at $90 than a few days later when it was again over $110 "changed his mind". If it's a show you must take it like it's a show not serious investing is my view.
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Haha Cramer is very good at following stock price, not following the business.
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@beaver_cap ain’t that the truth lol