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$119.4m follower assets
Aaaand I’m Broku
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The gods have spoken! I kid you not I cathartically ordered from my favorite Chinese spot and my fortune cookie 🥠 was this! image
Honestly it’s more of advice than a “fortune” but I’ll take it! 🤣
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@strib I had a similar cookie too! Was that the one that's an ad from FTX?
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@prometheus it’s from good old China Moon no ad. Just literally the fortune I got with my sesame chicken lol it was just too fitting not to post
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At some point I’m told even dead cats bounce. Mr. Market what do you want??? You were down to pay almost $500 a share for the same thing last year!
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It’s alright you wanna know why cause your biggest holding is Nvidia and they gonna knock it outta the park for us you know that. Jensen the man
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@christian7621 that’s right! Why I don’t own just one stock! But damn what a fall from grace on this one. Brutal.
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@christian7621 I’m also rooting for Nvidia 🙏
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Worth it for this post?? 😂😭
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@sidnistandard totally lol gotta find a silver lining somewhere
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It just keeps falling :(

🤯 🫠 🫡
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For some reason, I thought this was gonna be a rip about Roku...Moment of silence for your account ⚰️
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@prometheus image

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Good one broku! I should start thinking about meme's about $U haha
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dear lord -26%...I guess making old TVs "smarter" when you have new TVs already "smart" is not the way.