$NKE (NIKE, Inc.) nice revenue growth. Would you buy it?
Actual revenue and forecast:
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Looks too expensive though!

Forward multiples


• P/E 37.6x
• MC/FCF 44x


• P/E 29.6x
• MC/FCF 31.8x
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Price we pay matters, but it sure sucks waiting 😁
Thoughtful Investing's avatar
@ifb_podcast It sure does! :D
Porchester ✳️'s avatar
Does look rather expensive!
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@porchester Yeah. Interesting that it stays priced at a premium considering there are a lot of companies that has a good risk/reward currently. I guess the valuation will only become fairly priced in a recession.
Leon's avatar
37 P/E? wow 😅
Thoughtful Investing's avatar
Yup. Interesting if it will continue to outperform the market moving forward
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Looks too expensive indeed!
Thoughtful Investing's avatar
@from100kto1m We'll probably only see it become fairly priced in a recession or when the company's fundamentals starts to deteriorate :/
Every Revenue forecast with steady growth makes me laugh. Hence, No.
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Agree with Dave here the price you pay matters, whilst its quality I am very cautious not to overpay
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I think the biggest thing people need to take into account is China and I think that’s exactly why the stock has run up as much as it did. China opening back up is huge for Nike. That’s where the growth and potential will be along with continuing their impressive growth domestically. Is it expensive on a valuation basis yes no doubt about it but it everything goes right I think it will always be expensive given the huge tailwinds the stock possibly has coming if executed correctly. All starts tomorrow when they report



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