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Mistake 2022
Messed up. Experimented with investing on margin earlier this year, and it's currently causing me a lot of anxiety now that my portfolio's tanked (again). This could have been avoided had I (a) understood loans have their limits and (b) understood just how volatile my favorite investments are.

Note to future self: do your damn research.

Hopefully, this comment will prevent Future Me from making the same mistake. Won't be beating myself up over this, since it's my second year investing, my mental model is full of holes, and I expected to make some mistakes.
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Been there my friend! Undergraduate Brad was an absolute degenerate.
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Hang in there, Cole -- I've done similar things in the past, and unfortunately, it is a valuable (but painful) part of the learning process.

We have very similar portfolios, so we'll battle this out together.

Innovative businesses, free markets, and global growth will eventually triumph, but on the off chance they don't, some lost money will be the least of our worries.

Maybe a bit of an emo/stoic view on things, but I always think of that to stay grounded. Can't remember whose quote it is, but I think of it often -- especially recently.
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At least you tried, younger Hag spent lots of money on fast cars and trackdays instead of looking to the future. Hard lessons learned late.
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I've also been there! Consider writing about how you feel somewhere on paper, or in an investing journal where you can refer to it later, so as to deter your future self from making the same choices? It being your second year investing hopefully it's not too much money we're talking about. But it's still a lesson one should have to learn only once.
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Hi Cole appreciate how honest you are about your learnings.

As you rightly pointed out there is no point beating up yourself over this, it's a valuable lesson learned.

I think as @tomato mentioned having a journal that chronicles critical points and takeaways definitely helps one avoid similar mistakes in the future.