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It’s Sunday. Let’s chat about your big ideas on the future of Commonstock.
I was chatting with a fellow employee this week over lunch about what the future of Commonstock would look like. Of course, we have some wild ideas but I wanted to chat with all of you to get your vision of the future of Commonstock.

Some starting questions to get you thinking:
  • What would be a valuable social interaction that you’d like to have at scale on Commonstock?
  • How would Commonstock fit into your investing process at scale?
  • What would valuable content look like at scale on Commonstock?

For me, I could imagine Commonstock like a live marketplace where users “hop” from asset to asset to follow the flow of information. Imagine a social media workspace or dashboard where you could see users capture their investment process in real time (asset discovery phase, asset research phase, the buys and sells that follow).

This is just my personal dream for Commonstock, not representative of how we will continue building.

I want to hear yours. Think big! Put them down in the comments! 🧵
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Been thinking about this since you posted Josh… so in my mind, the power of commonstock comes in the investment research and ideation process.

I believe that some of the best minds on Wall Street are actually off of wall street and on platforms like commonstock. When I have an investment idea, I want to hear people smarter than me and what they have to say about my thoughts. Even better, if I see a trend and want to make money, I want to hear ideas from people on the best way to make the right investment.

Beyond this, the data the commonstock has can be an absolute killer in the market. Data analysis in my mind is an art, not a science. Extrapolating the right data and turning it into valuable insights can be a weapon. The data has the power to distill the insights of 100s of people, into a simple actionable statistic. That’s what I am most excited about for the future of commonstock.

The power and minds of the people at large is incredible when harvested properly. I look forward to the days where commonstock is my go to spot for analyzing what people are buying, thinking, and watching. Investing is an art IMO and commonstock will be a powerful tool in the coming years.
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I can definitely see how CommonStock becomes a one stop shop for research. There are plenty of creators here to curate top-notch research and also to build a community. I actually see it like if Substack and Twitter merged but with higher quality (this last part goes for Twitter, there's plenty of quality on Substack)
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Great question, here are my thoughts, my own and not necessarily Commonstock's.

How would Commonstock fit into your investing process at scale? -> I think right now, there are obviously limiting factors for me, being in the UK. In the future, if my portfolio could be viewed in Commonstock, that would create some natural timeshare away from me spending that time in my brokerage portal.

I currently spend a lot of time on Commonstock for feedback, and for the community, but in the future, I'd love to be able to use it as a place to research too, whether that's having the filings be located on asset pages, the transcripts, the financials in data form, visuals, tables, etc. Then, it would consolidate a number of the tools I currently use for those needs.

• What would valuable content look like at scale on Commonstock? -> We have tonnes of great content on here today, and most people see Commonstock as a top of funnel. I think for us to attract even more value (high-quality insights, write-ups, conversations), then we have to be seen as the place people write their work, and less so the place people share their work they have written elsewhere.
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@investmenttalk 👋Fellow non-US friend, I feel your pain on the brokerage support but we’ll get there! Funny enough, most of my friends I show the app immediately go to the trending board rather than the content which I think is funny, because it seems like people already in the space (ie from Twitter) LOVE the content and that is their go-to.

1 million percent agree with you that Commonstock should be the place where people write their work, not share it. However, honestly, Commonstock’s unique portfolio data is starting to produce that organic content.

You know this but Commonstock’s content is miles ahead from what it was last year because of our unique tools, and I’ll promise that it will be miles ahead next year.
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@josh Looking forward to what the future may bring. Love seeing this community expand. Financial tools is going to be LIT. Not contained with a brokerage's walls (like most broker-come-social products).
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These are just my thoughts and should be taken with 2 huge grains of salt. commonstock reminds me of what covestor was like in the late 2000's where those you follow and don't follow would need to provide verifiable trades instead of just talking about it without the trades as the later has no risk moneywise to the person who talked about it while the former allows you to know that they really indeed trading it. What I like to see is maybe a way for people to see trades instantly without having to visit different sections of the site. I also would like to see what the overall return is for a investment is in addition to the different current timeframes. I will add more comments to the other things later as I have some free time.
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@almighty188 trades of people you follow do appear in the ‘following feed’, as a sidenote.

But agree it could be surfaced better, and i agree that total performance (inception) would be dope.
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@almighty188 I agree, trades should be surfaced better
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@investmenttalk - What I meant by the trades o people one follows is that it should be automatically updating in real time instead.
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Maybe this is just me being a glutton for punishment, but I genuinely love the transparency Commonstock requires of me and the subsequent accountability I am held to for my public trades.

That said, something I’ve been kicking around doing is publishing a one sentence investment thesis for each of my “Core 34” holdings.

Not sure how exactly this could tie into CS, but it would be cool to go to $ABNB for example and see other verified holders of the stock and their one sentence investment pitches as well.

Obviously this would be similar to regular posts now, but a quick-hitting thesis could be more long-term focused and cut through day to day noise for newer investors.

As opposed to $ABNB posts being slowly buried over time, verified holders and their thesis would be more evergreeen and easier to check in on, or even challenge over time. This would potentially help me safeguard against unforeseen problems in my portfolio.

I’ve also been out in the sun a lot today, so if this makes no sense I apologize. 😂
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@joryko I like this idea and I think it could look more like bear and bull cases. I think the individual asset pages could be much more robust (even including, as @investmenttalk pointed out above, tables and filings) and then there could be a portion that aggregates members' bull and bear cases for that asset.