Commonstock likes the $ADBE Figma deal
FinTwit hates it
That’s my takeaway from today
Not sure what that means
Truth probably somewhere in the middle
Overpaid for a good product that was a competitor
Makes me view them a little less favorably. Don’t think it was a great use of capital. Could be if it compounds growth long term. Will definitely take time though to see a decent return on the investment. Bad for short term shareholders, could be good for long term.
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I remember reading a thread on how Adobe's acquisition helps Adobe keep up with the new trends in graphic design and prevent it from becoming a "legacy-like" business
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Commonstock vs. Fintwit 🍿
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it's a walk off...... #zoolander
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@the_hippie_investor the best..... and now playing out in social finance.....
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I think @theglobalcapitalist will side with you on this take