The Structural Advantage of Long Term Investing
If you are investing with a time-horizon of less than a year, you aren't investing; you're trading.

Trading puts retail investors like you and me at a huge disadvantage. There are massive companies with staffs of data scientists, macro-analysts, and technologists with complex algorithms all competing to make money in the most immediate time frame possible.

Trying to compete with that is like challenging LeBron James to a game of one-on-one; you have no chance.

So why even try?

You shouldn't. At least not on LeBron's terms. You need to find a way to put the odds back in your favor.

What if you challenge LeBron to a 10-year-long game of one-on-one?

He's not even going to accept the challenge. He has better things to do than play a 10 year game of basketball with you. He aspires to win multiple NBA championships in that time frame. It doesn't make any sense for him to waste so much energy on a single game.

So what happens? You automatically win. Or at least, you can play your 10-year game with your friends, and not have to worry about any professional players running you out of the gym.

Investing is similar. Small retail investors have a persistent structural advantage on the long time horizons. Thats the game we can win.

See you on the court.

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